Chocolate and coffee cream pots

TROPICS FOOD - Deliciously rich chocolate and coffee pots that make for the perfect afternoon treat.

Salmon, smashed avocado and broad bean bruschetta

TROPICS FOOD - Upgrade avocado toast with smoked salmon, peppery radish and broad beans for a vibrant brunch recipe that's ready in just 15 minutes.

Green scrambled eggs with roasted tomatoes

TROPICS FOOD - For an easy veggie breakfast that's ready in just 15 mins, try this green scrambled eggs recipe.

Homemade cobb salad

TROPICS FOOD - This all-American classic cobb salad recipe lines up crispy bacon, succulent chicken and golden boiled eggs with plenty of colourful veg and a drizzle of creamy blue cheese dressing, for an indulgent salad more than worthy of main course status.

Sausage and cannellini bean casserole

TROPICS FOOD - If you're struggling to come up with delicious, easy meals to feed the family on weeknights, then look no further than this tasty one-pot casserole.

Homemade bread rolls

TROPICS FOOD - If you’ve never tried making bread at home before, this is the recipe to start with.

Vegan pizza with peppers, artichokes and olives

TROPICS FOOD - No one can resist a tasty slice of pizza, especially when it's homemade from scratch and served straight from the oven.

Chicken, pancetta and mushroom pie

Ingredients olive oil100g (3 1/2oz) pancetta cubes1 leek, trimmed and sliced200g (7oz) mushrooms, sliced2 tsp plain flour200ml (1/3pt) cold chicken stock75ml (3fl oz) white wine (optional)handful of thyme leaves75g (3oz) crème fraîche200g (7oz) cooked...

Slow cooker lamb curry

TROPICS FOOD - Put your slow cooker to good use with a rich slow cooker lamb curry. This ‘low and slow’ method of cooking the lamb and veg gives meltingly tender results and enriches the spiced coconut sauce with plenty of flavour.

Ratatouille pasta bake

TROPICS FOOD - Add some extra veg to an easy pasta dinner with this ratatouille pasta bake recipe.

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TROPICS MEDIA - Paris, 11 Mai 2020 - Vénicia Guinot, CEO/Fondatrice du groupe sud-africain TROPICS VENTURES GROUP aura le plaisir d'intervenir auprès de ses confrères lors du 19e Afterwork